About Sommes Amis

Sommes Amis (We're Friends) is based on the Somos Amigos program created by Ann Benson in 1997 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in her parent/child music studio to address the needs of non-Spanish speaking families to learn Spanish. Ms. Benson used music and movement as the basis for the classes and the result was stunning. Within the first two years Somos Amigos was translated into German and French and children and parents playfully absorbed the languages and the culture of the languages as well. The word quickly spread and Somos Amigos was being featured on the Channel 10 News out of Miami and featured in Language Magazine (an international magazine about learning language). Somos Amigos grew from the confines of Ms. Benson's music studio into private preschools, public schools and University Family Programs at Nova Southeastern University.

Now that French speaking Lucy Bergin has joined the staff of Musical Beginnings, we are happy to launch the Sommes Amis program in the fall of 2017. 

Lucy fell in love with the French language in the fifth grade when she heard her older sister practicing pronunciation for class. She loved the way French sounded, the way French people in movies dressed, and the foods they would eat, like crêpes and really good cheeses. All throughout middle school and high school, she borrowed all of the French movies from her local library and watched them over and over, absorbing everything she possibly could. The year she turned 18, Lucy had the good fortune to be able to travel to France and Haiti, and for the first time she experienced the amazing and joyful feeling of thinking and communicating in a second language. She started Wellesley College intending to study to become a French teacher, but along the way she had started learning German too. Becoming fluent in three languages became her new goal, and she happily spent a year abroad living in Austria to study German, while having close proximity to France to practice her French. She is thrilled to be able to share her her knowledge and adoration of the French language and cultures of Francophone countries with her local Austin families this summer.

This photo is Lucy enjoying the West coast of France during her junior year of college abroad.

NEW LOCATION! Synergy Dance Studio in Westlake in Bee Cave Center. Click the Register link in the schedule below to reserve your space now! 

Fall 2017 Schedule and Tuition:

  • 12 week session
  • Starts Friday, September 15
  • Ends Friday, December 8
  • No class Friday, November 24
  • $288 for first child, $175 for second child, $50 for third child or more
  • Infants 9 months and younger attend free with a registered sibling
  • Classes in Building D 

Tuition and Materials Include:

  • Weekly, music and movement based, thematically organized, FUN, French classes for both YOU and your child
  • A beautifully recorded CD of all the songs used in class
  • A song book with lyrics in French and English with coloring pages
  • Two simple take-home crafts
  • Two make-up classes (Make-ups are not available in French, but parent-child music classes are offered in Spanish on Friday mornings at Synergy Dance school or in English on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday in Circle C at the Dance Xplosion studio.)

Register for the Fall 2017 Session of Sommes Amis

Schedule Dates Building Teacher

Westlake - Synergy Dance Studio
3425 Bee Cave Rd.
Austin, TX 78746
map and directions
Friday 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM 09/22/17 - 12/15/17 Studio A Lucy Bergin "Miss Lucy" Register


Please contact Ann Benson at (512) 803 - 0871 if you have any questions.