Our Teachers

All of our teachers are passionate about music and the development of children.

They create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development.

photo Ann Benson "Annie B"


Dear Parents,

My mother sang constantly to me as a child which brought music to my heart and rhythm to my body. My classes are dedicated to her and to my two beautiful sons, Joey and Ben.

My first studio, Musical Beginnings, opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1996. Over the years I had the privilege of working with hundreds of families in Musical Beginnings as well as preschools, public schools and University Family Programs. I returned to my home town of Austin in 2010 and have been teaching music at a local Montessori School. Now I've decided to go back to my original love, working with parents and young children.

I have a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Texas with an endorsement in Bilingual Education and have been a classroom teacher with AISD (Kindergarten through 3rd grade).  I am a certified International Montessori Instructor with four years experience as lead instructor in the Montessori setting. Musically, my love has been singing. I sang in my school choirs from Junior High through college and later in community choirs. I am a registered Music Together® and Level I Orff Instructor with 14 years of experience leading music and movement programs for parents and children.

photo Lucy Bergin "Lucy Bee"

Instructor - Music Together

I am delighted to join the faculty of Musical Beginnings.  I couldn't be happier spending my days making beautiful tunes with you and your young ones! 

I have a major in Music Performance from Wellesley College as well as a degree in German Literature (I'm crazy about languages, I'm trilingual English, French and German).

In addition to teaching early childhood music classes, I am active in the Austin music scene performing as a solo classical soprano, flutist and gigging around town in the all-female band, "Lady Jams".  I enjoy writing music for children as well, recently I've been nominated for an award for a song I wrote for a local children's theater (There's a Cowboy in My Kitchen). 

Having grown up in a family that encouraged art and creative exploration I know first hand the many gifts a musical upbringing can give and I can't wait to share them with you and your child.  I hope to see you both soon!

photo Lucy Bergin "Miss Lucy"

Instructor - Sommes Amis

Lucy fell in love with the French language in the fifth grade when she heard her older sister practicing pronunciation for class. She loved the way French sounded, the way French people in movies dressed, and the foods they would eat, like crêpes and really good cheeses. All throughout middle school and high school, she borrowed all of the French movies from her local library and watched them over and over, absorbing everything she possibly could. The year she turned 18, Lucy had the good fortune to be able to travel to France and Haiti, and for the first time she experienced the amazing and joyful feeling of thinking and communicating in a second language. She started Wellesley College intending to study to become a French teacher, but along the way she had started learning German too. Becoming fluent in three languages became her new goal, and she happily spent a year abroad living in Austria to study German, while having close proximity to France to practice her French. She is thrilled to be able to share her her knowledge and adoration of the French language and cultures of Francophone countries with her local Austin families this summer.

This photo is Lucy enjoying the West coast of France during her junior year of college abroad.