Somos Amigos
Ann Benson "Miss Ana"
Circle C - Dance Xplosion (DXP1) (location map)
Tuesday, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
06/18/19 - 07/30/19 (7 weeks)


Springboard into Spanish with your child! You will love seeing your child light up with recognition at his first Spanish word, curl his lips around his first Spanish sound or shout out his first word or phrase! BRAVO!!! You will be in awe as your child scampers down the road of bilingual thinking and learning with YOU by his side. Classes are suited for children infants through age 5 years. Families learn Spanish through songs and movement, finger plays and chants, circle games and puppetry, dancing and playing maracas and bongos!  As you play and sing with him enjoying the spice, pop, rhythm and warmth of the Spanish language and culture, you will naturally pick up the flavor and flow of the language and your child will absolutely fall in love with Spanish. Somos Amigos will help you set the groundwork for a native like accent and fluent, unencumbered speech. Each session families receive a different  professionally recorded CD with approximately 30 tracks of music to support repetition of the sounds and flow of the language.  Along with the beautiful CD recording, parents receive an accompanying bilingual songbook with coloring pages to more fully engage the senses.

Upcoming Meetings
07/23/19    10:30 AM Tuesday 07/23/19 10:30 AM
07/30/19    10:30 AM Tuesday 07/30/19 10:30 AM