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"Somos Amigos classes with our son was the best decision that we made as parents." Terri Gruca (News anchor for KVUE)

"My 2 year old daughter Isabela didn't speak Spanish even though I spoke with her at home. Now, after Somos Amigos, she's happy to use it. Music is the key! Miss Ana makes it fun and easy, I recommend it to eveyone." Mercedes C. Anderson (Owner/Designer for Mercedes Flowers and former Univision reporter)

"I love learning language with my child! We've been taking classes with Mis Ana for the last year. We sing along with the CD in the car, while cooking in the kitchen and just playing around the house. Somos Amigos has significantly improved my Spanish. I highly recommend it!   Laura Rose Wilson


Music Together® QUOTES:

"Our daughter (2 years old) has thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Musical Beginnings at Dance Xplosion! We're always done a lot of singing but in going to class she has found a true love for music - singing around the house (or breakfast, to her dolls and friends), in the car, and even when going to sleep. The biggest change I've seen though is her vocabulary has improved and her sentence structure has jumped from 3 - 4 words to 8 - 14 words over night! We are so thankful for Ann's gentle, positive and loving approach to music." Jen and Elyse McNight


"Musical Beginnings was at first just a way to get out of the heat while Barrett was a newborn. However 4 sessions later we are still as in love with the program as on the first day. Madison just started preschool and at drop off (cringe) I sing to her "whoever takes care of you comes back because they do love you". It's straight off one of the songs we learned in class. We listen to it on the way to school. It has helped in the transition so much and I never would have guessed that the benefits from Musical Beginnings would reach into every part of our lives but it has. I could list probably 20 other songs that we have worked into stressful parenting moments such as cooking dinner, bath and bedtime Maybe you would be interested in joining us!." Lauren, Madison 3 yrs. and Barrett 1 yr.



"Miss Ann is an awesome music teacher! So says my six year old. After several years with Miss Ann, my daughter loves to dance and really moves to the beat. She's also thriving in her piano classes."



"I started the music program with my daughter Evonna when she was a baby. Ann taught me how to include music in my life - it saved me. If Evonna was crying I could calm her with my singing and now, after 2 more babies, I use the singing to get them back into focus when they are not listening."

Dina Ranade


"This program teaches the children how to focus, listen and to respect others. Musical Beginnings gives a fabulous foundation for school and life."

Caren Vidler


"My son Dylan and I participated in Musical Beginnings classes for 2 years which we loved. I know that his early experiences laid the foundation for whatever musical life he may lead in the future."

Karen Dixon


"What I noticed most is how his participation in the program bolstered his creativity...it has really made a difference in his life."

Glenna Hearn